KM_FAQs***SMILES & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t completely happy with your Kindermusik experience after your first month, just let us know that you wish to discontinue. The home materials will still be yours to keep and enjoy, and there will be no further obligation.***

How do your payment policies work for regular season classes (September – June)?

  • Monthly fees include tuition and digital home materials. GST will be added at the time of each payment. Applicable discounts will be applied when each payment is processed. Fees are non-refundable.
  • Payments are equalized every month from September to June. Your first payment isn’t due until your first month of classes. Each payment is processed through pre-authorized chequing or credit card.
  • Statements [tax receipts] are available under  “My Account Login” on our website. A tax receipt is emailed to you after each monthly payment is processed.
  • Over a 10 month period, you will receive eight sets of digital home materials.
  • Physical books and CDs are $10/mo extra
  • A registration fee of $20.00 is due when you sign up.

How do your payment policies work for summer season classes (July/Aug)? 

  • No registration fee.
  • There is a one-time fee associated with each class. Payment is processed through pre-authorized chequing or credit card.
  • The one-time fee includes physical home materials and tuition. GST will be added at the time of payment. The fee is non-refundable.
  • A tax receipt is emailed to you after your payment is processed. Tax receipts are also available under “My Account Login”.

Why are summer season classes more expensive than regular season classes? 

This is a two-parter! Firstly, physical home materials are more expensive than digital. Secondly, summer season classes are not included in the equalized monthly payments (they are separate from regular season classes).

Are there any discounted rates available?

Yes, there are discounted rates available for regular season classes! If you have any of this year’s materials from a previous enrollment, or if you are enrolling more than one child today, we will take $5 off your total monthly fees.

What if we have to miss a class?

Should you need to miss a class, not to worry! Simply give our office a call (306-291-8888) or email Miss Kari (karisoroski@shaw.ca) to book a make-up class. You have unlimited make-ups for as long as you are enrolled! (Applies to age-appropriate classes that have space available.)

We have really cold winters here in Saskatchewan! At what point are classes cancelled due to weather?

There will be no classes if the school boards cancel school. If only the buses are cancelled, Kindermusik classes will still run. We will post all class-related info on both of our Facebook pages.


What happens if we are unable to continue taking classes?

If enrollment must be cancelled, written (email) notice prior to the 1st of the month is required. If notice is received after the 1st of the month, tuition for that current month will still be charged. Should you decide to withdraw for a temporary period of time, your space cannot be held. In this case, you are better to keep your space and make up the classes you will be missing.

Upon withdrawal, there may be a “settle up” payment/refund for home materials.

How sick is too sick? 

If your child has a fever, please wait until he/she has been fever-free for 24 hours before returning to class. If your child has suffered from a stomach bug or has thrown up within the last 24 hours, please keep your child at home. If your child has a severe cough, thick nasal discharge, rash, or conjunctivitis, please let them rest at home.

What is your policy on allergies?

We recognize that several of our families are dealing with nut/scent-related allergies. As such, we have two requests: please do not bring nuts or nut products (e.g., Honey Nut Cheerios®) into the studio, and please do not wear strong perfume/aftershave at the studio.

Please let us know if you or your child has a severe allergy. A safe, comfortable learning environment is of the utmost importance to us!

Can I try out a class before I enroll?

Absolutely! Click here to sign up for an Intro class!