Q&A with Mark Kurmey of Martensville’s Tumblers Gymnastics

mark kurmey

So, who is Mark Kurmey of Martensville’s Tumblers Gymnastics and why do we think he’s so awesome? Mark Kurmey has been an avid supporter of Kindermusik with Kari & Friends for the past few years. He’s constantly sharing our posts on social media and letting his Tumblers families know about who we are and what… Continue reading →

Guest Blog: SleepWell Baby!

Introduction by Rosemary Stephanson “My son/daughter isn’t sleeping very well right now” has been a popular comment made by families over the past couple of weeks. So much so, that Miss Kari decided to take action. One (very tasty) lunch later, Miss Kari has arranged for Amanda Hudye, Founder and President of SleepWell Baby, to… Continue reading →